Grand opening on April 1st (Wed.) in Kyoto Gion Nishi Hanami Koji street.

About Fuji

Enjoy our seasonal selected ingredients such as seafood, meat, and vegetable tempura, while looking at the cooked tempura at the counter.
We will provide each carefully cooked tempura with various sauces and condiments.
Our light and disctictvely flavored tempura uses freshly extracted safflower (Benibana) oil to bring out the deliciousness of each seasonal ingredients.


Enjoy our elegant touch tempura cooked with seasonal ingredients.

  • Spring
    Ice fish, Clam, Greenling wrapped Cherry Blossom leaf, Japanese Wild Vegetable, Bamboo shoot, White Asparagus
  • Summer
    Pipe Conger(hamo eel), Sweet fish, Squid, Sand borer, White corn, Eggplant, Japanese bell pepper
  • Autumn
    Pipe conger (hamo eel) wrapped with Matsutake Mushroom, Cutlass fish, Gingko nuts, Chestnut, Maitake mushroom
  • Winter
    Blow fish, Crab, Soft roe, Horikawa Burdock, Turnip, Kyoto small carrot
Chef’s Choice Tempura course
17,600 yen
23,100 yen
The all prices are subject to 10% service charge.
Our selections of wine, sake, shochu and whiskey is perfect match for our tempura.
Our sommelier recommends wine and champagnes is perfect complement to your tempura course.

12,000 yen ~


We provide 8 counter seats and 1 private room for 4.

Kenji Fujimoto

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka
Japanese restaurant Hanagatami

Teppan Tempura “Yoshi”

The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto
Tempura Mizuki excutive Chef 
1 michelin star 3 consecutive years